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AutismHelpNow.Org ‘s COVID 19 Response

If there is one thing parents, caregivers and service providers of special needs individuals are good at, it’s rolling with the punches. 

Covid has clearly required this of us, and the struggles our children face are insurmountable.  As a result, has been seeing an increase in families with desperate need of assistance.  Many caregivers have been forced to leave their jobs in order to be home with their kids as schools are closed, respite workers are scarce and therapy has transitioned to online only.  Teaching a child from home that normally requires an entire team during the school day is now the reality for these parents.  Siblings also trying to learn virtually are left to fend for themselves as caregivers have to give their special needs child their full attention in order to keep everyone safe.  Alive for one more day.

Because of this, is trying to focus on the crisis at hand, in addition to continued efforts to open an intensive in patient neurobehavioral unit here in the Pacific NorthWest.  Now more than ever, this is desperately needed, but AHN also recognizes the families struggling today.  Right this minute. Having to decide between using the washroom and risking their child running away, or just holding it until a better opportunity arises.  Parents are choosing between helping a younger sibling log into class, or stopping their autistic child or teen from turning on all the stove burners or self harming during the two minutes it takes to log the waiting sibling in.  These are real life right this moment challenges.

Due to social distancing it feels as though what we can do to help these families is so limited, however, when a clear crisis is identified, a need that can be met within the financial means of AHN, we work to meet the need of the child and caregiver, in that moment, on that day.

Autism Help Now has been able to help families in financial crisis due to parents managing their special needs children at home.  It may feel impersonal, but being able to relieve even a touch of the financial stress seems to help, although temporarily, it helps to carry those in crisis through for a few more days.  It gives hope, it tells these families they are seen, we hear them, they are not alone.

Autismhelpnow.Org has not taken a single cent of the funds received for administrative fees or services of any kind other than to make direct payments to families in need.  Be it a grocery delivery, a check to help with rent, or the purchase of a much needed item to help alleviate a crisis.

Unfortunately due to the overwhelming number of families in crisis right now, we are now in need more than ever of donations.  It is our goal always to help families in need the moment they reach out for help.  And very soon this will not be possible.

We ask that if you are considering making a donation to a charity this holiday season, that you might consider AutismHelpNow.Org for your gift.  100% of the tax deductible donation goes directly to families that should have a Neurobehavioral Unit available to their child, but do not and are simply trying to survive the current crisis of Covid and isolation from therapies and caregivers.

With so much appreciation,

Amy Amirault, Director

Tax Deductible Donation

Donate Now to immediately help caregivers and Youth in critical need of assistance due to Covid 19 related crisis described above.


Piss off my dog, I dare you.

Tuesday October 6th is the first team meeting for AutismHelpNow.Org

Chewy is super excited, because so far she’s going to get some serious 1:1.  

Think you don’t have anything to offer?  

Can you write?  


Share your story?

Make us laugh if things get too serious?  

Make us cry if we get off track and forget to be serious?  

Can you design a logo?

Translate our messages into Spanish so more people can benefit from the service we’ll offer?

Maybe you just want to come by and meet some other Autism Families.

I hope to see you Tuesday evening.  Please email for location details.

Chewy will be mad you came, but she’ll get over it.National Doggo Day

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