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Due to the crisis that Covid19 is causing within the special needs communities, from care giving to medical treatment access, Autism Help Now is temporarily using a portion of our funds to support these individuals in crisis.  

The children and teens that Autism Help Now is created to help typically receive 1:1 care through out their day, often times more.  From a caregiver on the school bus, to a 1:1 in class, to at home therapies and respite workers.  It is this community of people that help the child/ teen survive the day.

Due to Covid19, in many cases, all of the above mentioned roles are now being managed at home by a single caregiver.  Caregivers are burning out, children are inadvertently living in harms way.  Safety is a huge risk for the child, and anyone else living in these homes.  

These families are in severe crisis.  They can not work, they can not provide shelter or food for their families.  Shelters are not safe for children at this level of behavioral crisis.  Even sleeping is a gamble for some of these families whose children will run away or self harm the moment the caregiver is out of reach.

100% of your donation will immediately be put to use to serve these families.  From grocery orders to help through the holidays, replace a broken much needed item or help with transportation as needed.  Every penny donated will go to these needs.  

We continue to work on our long term goal of opening a Neurobehavioral Unit here on the West Coast.  If a program like this existed now, perhaps there would be far fewer families in crisis, or at least somewhere for people with children at this level of crisis to turn to.  In the mean time, we will continue working to support these caregivers and their children, and pushing forward to spread awareness and the need for these programs.

Autism Help Now is not using any of these funds for administrative fees or otherwise.

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Tax Deductible Donation

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to our cause of opening a Neurobehavioral Unit on the West Coast. It helps support community awareness events, administrative fees ( such as keeping this website going), and eventually actual tangible items within the NBU.



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