What We Do


We’re small, but just wait..

AutismHelpNow.Org exists for the sole purpose of advocating for the most vulnerable children in our communities and their families.  Severely developmentally and behaviorally affected youth.  The children without voices.

We work to connect resources with families and hospitals to provide -and at times create, the most desperately needed programs for this population.

At Present, our top priority is building an In Patient Neurobehavioral Unit ( NBU) in the Seattle Area.  This is not a residential treatment center.  A Neurobehavioral Unit is a  program that operates within an established hospital.

An NBU will provide intensive behavioral interventions that combines cognitive therapy, ABA techniques and pharmaceutical interventions.  Nutrition, physical therapy and other medical issues can be addressed on the unit as they arise during the patient’s stay.

Behavioral tendencies such as self harm, violence, running away and other life threatening behavioral issues will be of primary focus.

At present, in the United States, there are 16 beds marked for children in crisis at this extreme level, all of which are on the East Coast.  The wait for a bed, should you be fortunate enough to get on the list, is two to five years on average.

This is unacceptable, and we’re here to change that.

Tax Deductible Donation

Your tax deductible donation goes directly to our cause of opening a Neurobehavioral Unit on the West Coast. It helps support community awareness events, administrative fees ( such as keeping this website going), and eventually actual tangible items within the NBU.


Please fill out the form below to be kept up to date on events, successes, Volunteer opportunities and resources.

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